A morning routine is essential to being productive. Too many people make the decision to get up earlier to “get more things done” but in order to use that extra time wisely you have to have a plan. Therefore, I’m going to run you through my morning and give you some ideas for what you could squeeze into your most useful hours.

1. Make coffee and read for half an hour

Honestly my favorite part of the morning. I brew a pot of goodness, sit in a comfortable chair, and start to wake up. Right now I’m reading The Paleo Manifesto by John Durant.

2. Meditate

After about a half of reading or my two cups of coffee I get out a couple of cushions and meditate for five to ten minutes. It’s not much, but it’s enough that if done consistently, will keep you centered for most of the day.

3. Write

This is actually a new part of my morning. After I meditate and my mind is cleared of mental waste, I want to sit down and write something meaningful that will give value. As of right now, I still have to define what writing means. I could journal, do the three pages technique, or write a blog post. Sometimes I do two.

4. Plan my day

This is an idea I took from Tim Ferriss on day planning. He folds a piece of paper three times to get roughly a 5″  by 3″ paper. It’s small enough that you can’t cram a ton of things on it, big enough to make the day productive without scaring you about what you have to do, and kind of fun to carry in a pocket, bringing it out when you have something meaningful to get done.

5. Leave for class early

Lastly, I always try to leave early for class. I get to my parking spot about fifteen minutes early and listen to a podcast, music, or just enjoy the day breaking over my little town.

These five things make the rest of the day beautiful and enjoyable. By six am, you’ve already completed something meaningful. Even if the rest of your day is a bust, you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice.


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