“The Indian, in his simple philosophy, was careful to avoid a centralized population, wherein lies civilization’s devil. He would not be forced to accept materialism as the basic principle of his life, but preferred to reduce existence to its simplest terms. His roving out-of-door life was more precarious, no doubt, than life reduced to a system, a mechanical routine; yet in his view it was and is infinitely happier.”

– Charles Alexander Eastman

I was reading an article on the Art of Manliness last night. This was one of the first quotes. It struck a chord with me. I realized that I live a mechanical routine. I want to travel, not know where I’m going to be the next day. That is life.

That is a good life. Constant uncertainty is cause for growth in a person. You are forced the reevaluate yourself on a consistent basis.

I was listening to a podcast by Tim Ferriss a couple weeks ago. He had Jimmy Chin on, an alpinist, climber, and filmmaker. He lived in his car for eight straight years traveling around the United States and climbing random mountains. He did odd jobs to get by. I would love that.

We should all constantly analyze our lives and ask ourselves, “Am I at ease in this moment? Am I happy?” If you answer no to those questions too often, you know something must change.

Mediocrity is no way to live.


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