The Importance of Scheduling

I’m a well together and I like to think successful person. Where does that success come from? Scheduling.

I’m working on something called bookending.

Basically, what you do is start and finish your day with a schedule. No matter how crazy your day might get, you always have that. Bookending is the cornerstone of successful manliness. I recommend you start your day with a good cup of Joe and a nice book. Don’t get bogged down in emails just yet. There’s plenty of time for them later.

Then, do some meditation. Five to ten minutes a day is perfect.

Write some morning pages.

Review your schedule for the day.

Head to work.

It’s simple, easy, and wonderfully enriching. At nighttime, follow roughly the same guidelines. Plan your next day. Read or do something nice like play guitar a half hour before bed. Sleep.

Follow these guidelines every day. You’ll feel better. You’ll be more productive. And that’s always a good thing.


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