Begin now

A field comes to fruition with daily attention.

Take writing: the path to being a good writer is simple. A good writer writes. There is no secret. A good writer has talent and when that talent is met with daily attention he gets better.

So when we say that we want to be good writers the route is clear. Write and you will be a good writer over time. Write as soon as you can. And as soon as you can just happens to be now. If we tell ourselves we will start tomorrow then we never start. Because a key aspect of tomorrow is that tomorrow is always in the future. And a principle of the future is that it is not now.

That is one reason to begin now. Another is that just starting a process creates it’s own momentum. If you write now and then are confronted with whether to write tomorrow, you already have inertia. You already have a streak — it may be just a day, but it’s still a streak. And streaks have power. You may write simply to build on yesterday’s writing.

Therefore, do yourself a favor. Take a stuttering step now. Even trip and fall. Because the most important part is to begin.


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