Write ideas down

Everyone has good ideas.

It could be an idea for a business, an app, or a productivity hack. The difference between people who act on those ideas and those who don’t is an idea book.

Everyone should keep a small notebook on them, or a note-taking app on their phone, or even just a scrap of paper they’ve swiped from a notebook. Because good ideas pop up from nowhere — and just as quickly as they came they can pop back out of being. Unless you take them down on a piece of paper.

There’s a book called “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. It outlines the structure of these things called “habits” that drive our daily lives. Habits are the things that make our lives more efficient by committing an oft-repeated action to neural pathway and thus freeing brain space. Habits are what allows us to solve Calculus equations in our head while microwaving a spicy burrito.

Habits are also why when you’re driving to the gym, you go straight instead of taking a left. You’re then halfway to your school before you realize you meant to take the turn five minutes back. Your brain was on auto-pilot.

But habits are important because by changing habits you accomplish goals. By changing your habit from sitting on the couch watching television to drinking a protein shake and hitting the gym you work towards becoming fit. But for those goals to become reality you need to have goals in the first place.

If you have vague ideas about one day traveling you’re never going to travel. But once you’ve taken a half hour, written down on paper that where you want to travel is Croatia, that you want to leave six months from now, and that you want to stay there for six weeks, then goals are broken into actionable steps.

Same with ideas. Not only does writing ideas you have down on paper give you something to work towards, it also makes sure you simply remember them. Rather than slip into the ether you have a little spark, an interesting idea, concept, or vision, that can grow.

Write your ideas down.



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