Write vulnerably

Vulnerability is what attracts people to you.

For G-Eazy the medium is music. For me, it’s writing.

I listened to an interview with G-Eazy, a hip hop artist from Oakland, California. He talked about his evolving music style. When he first became a big-name it was with an album called These Things Happen. There was talk of parties and drinking and girls. A couple deeper tracks were in the album but it was mostly a glorification of party life.

Then his second huge album dropped — When It’s Dark Out. The entire album’s mood was different. He opened up about how fame gets to artists heads, problems with his family, problems with girls, and his split personality. How off the set he’s Gerald: a hard worker, quiet, who has just as many girl problems as anyone else. Then when he gets on the stage he’s G-Eazy: suave rapper with parties nightly, who gets laid every day, and smokes excessive amounts of reefer.

He says that it is the problems that draw people. When you open up about struggles, the problems we most want to keep secret, then people can relate.

And so it comes to writing. Writing that people love, is all about vulnerability. To bring people to your writing, you have to write about subjects you’re passionate about, subjects that are personal. If you talk about how every night you go out, party, hook up with girls, and are just the most spectacular guy then it’s no fun.

People want to know that you’re human; that last night I was at a beach fire with my good friends, with a girl sitting next to me who I know likes me, and yet I couldn’t keep my eyes off the girl wearing a flannel to my right. How she has blue eyes and that trait where you don’t expect her to be sexy but she is. How I couldn’t keep my eyes off that girl all week. How I know that I’m a hopeless romantic. I’ll forget her in a month. But for now she’s the recurring thought on my mind.

Your vulnerabilities make the story.

Be open about your vulnerabilities. They make you.



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