Incense and fire

Our sense of smell is often overlooked.

We get posters, we organize our rooms, we buy record players, we pick up Aztec blankets from Goodwill — all to make our room stand out. To make it look good.

But what we constantly forget is that smell is one of our strongest senses. One breeze with the scent of barbecue and aging mothballs can bring you back to an outdoor cookout with Grandma when you were seven.

Smell can soothe you. If you’re having a rough day, there’s nothing quite like burning a rod of musk incense, opening your notebook, and relieving the stress of day onto paper.

And candles make the best of both worlds — flickering, natural light combined with say the smell of fresh linen (that is honestly the name of the candle on my dresser at the moment).

So by all means — pick up that sweet kaleidoscopic tapestry and hang it from your wall. But don’t you dare neglect that sensibly priced incense stand right next to it.


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