We are responsible for our own desires

We are responsible for fulfilling our own desires.

Mothers, fathers, and teachers help. But in the end, if you want something it is your responsibility alone to gain it.

It could be making the first move with a cute girl. It could be asking for more money at your job. It could be abandoning your life and moving to disgustingly gorgeous Southeast Asia to live as a scuba dive instructor. But there is no one on earth responsible for fulfilling your desires but you.

Obviously we all have fear. We have anxiety and doubt. But there is an aphorism for the moments when doubt almost seizes control:

“The pain of regret is far worse than the pain of discipline.”

                                                                                    – Nathan Whitley

I guarantee you, it does hurt more. The what-could-have-beens eat at us more than the certainty failure brings. At least in failure, we swung, missed, and now know exactly what would have happened because it did happen. Life is failure, growth from failure, and eventually, you become a champion.

Love failure. She is the best teacher.


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