Moments are ephemeral

Moments are ephemeral.

The reason that moments and people disappoint us is because we expect the past to be an indicator of the future. Because we felt this way in the past, we expect to feel this way in the future. When we are inevitably let down, we are saddened.

Shakespeare said that expectation is the root of all heartache.

We expect things to work out, we expect love, we expect that since we had fucking great time with that girl last Monday, it will turn into something. Sometimes, it doesn’t.  Most of the time it doesn’t.

And so moments are transient, I make this plea: do your utmost to live in the moments. If you’re kissing a beautiful girl, kiss her. Don’t guide anything in the direction of what your expectations were. Just… Be there. And feel her lips completely. And when it’s over, don’t pine to the girl — oh we have to meet up again soon, oh this, oh that, oh oh oh I want it to happen again.

Love what happened for what it was — a beautiful moment. But realize that it is over. And if another beautiful moment happens in the future, that’s cool. Enjoy that one too.

But do not expect them, or pine for them, or try to make them happen. Just… Let them be. And they will come.


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