I am on Reddit. I dropped off office keys I’d mistakenly taken home, back at work. Then, instead of writing, showering, meditating, and reading, I sat in my chair, and surfed Reddit. Because I’m tired today.

On Reddit there is the entire history of Adult Swim. Underneath that link is an old cosplaying couple decked out as Princess Leia and Han Solo. A neat cartoon follows wherein the monster from alien pops out at you; it is made from individual sketches.

And then I clicked on an EarthPorn link and it took me to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A beautiful beach, stunning sunset, deserted — lonely and barren. And I realized Reddit is distraction. Do I really need to watch eight minutes of “[Adult Swim] – The History of A Television Empire”? Do I need to see, “Trachyandra [a plant that] looks like it comes from another planet”?


It wasn’t until I opened that picture of the pale, white and freezing beach. When I opened that link I realized these websites placate us.

Please don’t write, here’s a thought-provoking post already written. Do not work on your drawing skills, this sketch is so much better than anything you could ever do and it’s already here. Don’t travel to take that picture — it’s already been taken for you.

Fuck that. And fuck you. Do not placate me. I want to feel my seething anger. I want to feel the discomfort of every day I am surrounded by concrete and bluish/white screens. Do not distract me from the monotone, leveled human beings. Because it is only by feeling such fucking mind-numbing dullness and mediocrity that I will ever have the deep, unshakable determination to change my future.

Feel this overpowering “bleh”-ness and do not shy away from how low some of us settle.

We have forgotten to see the iron bars underneath the lush cushioning of sex, drugs, and television. Feel the mediocrity so deeply that it makes your need for escape abundantly clear.


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