Be reconciled to loss

We think of transient moments as enduring entities. When moments quickly pass, however, we are devastated.

“No good thing renders it’s possessor happy, unless his mind is reconciled to the possibility of loss.”

 Seneca the Younger

I think of girls when I read that quote. I am not saying girls are possessions, I am saying that your moments with them should be treated as such. You cannot be fully present, loving, and kind with a girl if in the back of your mind you fret over their absence. As soon as you enter the life of a girl, you must approach the relationship with the attitude that if it ended the next day, you would be okay.

Because if you are with girls with that attitude, you are so present with them in that moment because that moment is all you, me, or anyone really has. If you’re already reconciled to their absence, there are no restrictions on the love you can give.

Often, we hold back with people because we worry over what they may think. If you see time with girls as only that moment then this concern is lost — you can be fully present with them.

Approach each moment with a beautiful girl like it’s all you will ever have; in some ways, it is.


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