On time

“Nothing, Lucillius, is ours, except time. We were entrusted by nature with the ownership of this single thing, so fleeting and slippery that anyone who will can oust us from possession.”


Nothing is ours except time and so we must be ruthless. Ruthless with who we spend our time with and what we spend our time concerned with.

Be ruthless who you spend your time with; it is Machiavellian but nothing takes energy and time like people. Only spend time with those you can learn from and love. Cut all others away for they steal your only possession.

Be ruthless with what you spend your time on — the things that don’t matter, the small ones, quickly add up into larger time sinks. Determine what is most essential to your life and eliminate others. As Thoreau said, simplify, simplify, simplify.

Be ruthless with what takes us from the present moment: often we get caught in thought cycles, endlessly tangential currents in our minds. Daydreams, worries, anxieties — all distract us from the present moment. Practice coming back to this moment right here. Anything taking you from the present moment steals time and awareness and so, is hazardous.



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