When you don’t get that text back…

When you don’t get that text back, I have to tell you; sometimes, it doesn’t mean shit.

In fact, it’s honestly the best case scenario if you view it that way every time you don’t get texted back. Whether it’s your girl, a girl you like, a friend, someone who invited you to a party — if someone doesn’t text you back and you feel it intimately, do one thing: take a deep breath. Stop thinking so much. It doesn’t mean shit, honestly.

Think about how many times you’ve forgotten to reply to people. How many times you showered, went for a jog, or got caught up in an activity and forgotten to text people back.

When someone doesn’t text you back, there are any number of possible reasons for that occurrence. Your brain just happens to pick the worse case scenario every time: “They don’t like you. They’re ignoring you. They’re ignoring you.”

Any number of reasons why they didn’t text you back — your mind is just an asshole. And we all do it.

So next time you are waiting for a text back just… Take a deep breath. Realize anything could have happened for them not to text you back. Stop thinking so much. It’s not as big a deal as you intimately believe it to be.



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