On education today

High school is a waste of time. I used to not openly detest it. I do now. What has changed? I’ve never enjoyed school, but I always saw school as a way to grow my intellect. Now that I’ve been reading, writing, researching, socializing, and sketching in my free time, I see school as a disciplined, busy working, waste of time.

I know I can use my time way more effectively outside school and I see the lack of an encompassing point in schoolwork. Ergo, I openly loathe school now.

Once you begin education outside of school, you realize the topics of research in school is narrow, close-minded, and focused on the how. I want to know why we do things. I don’t what to take the integral of an equation or learn a topic when I don’t understand why I’m doing it.

And frequently, when you ask why, the teachers do not know. It is just in the curriculum.

Teach me;

        do not feed me lines to memorize. And if you’re insistent on that way of operation, then I’ll simply find education elsewhere.


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