On how we spend our time

Be careful what you spend your time on.

I’ve brought it up before. It’s a problem I struggle with.

Ruthlessly cut people off. Say no to doing things. Don’t work so much.

Spend time alone. I’ve told some friends these ideas. Cutting people off that you can’t learn from anymore, mostly. My friend thinks it’s heartless.

But take a coffee date, for example — you drive to Starbucks. Wait for your friend to arrive. Get coffee. Talk. Go to a beach to listen to music and talk. Then drive home.

Hour and a half minimum. More if you haven’t seen that person in a long timep. Ruthlessly cut people off. Say no to meeting for coffee.

And in general, savor your time: don’t work that extra night shift at Dunkin Donuts. Free up time for yourself just to… Be. Maybe break out your drawing book you haven’t touched in weeks. Maybe write something

I don’t know, I’m not you. But whatever you like to do… Say no to going out and instead, do that thing.

Because you really don’t need to go out and have the same conversation with someone that you had with someone else two weeks ago.

About where you are in life, how you feel, why you feel that way, where you’re going, whatever the fuck.

Stop talking and do something instead.

Be ruthless.


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