Exploration; on being interesting

Be intriguing because no one is going to make you intriguing.

Foster eccentric hobbies like falconeering and butterfly farming. Go unusual places — unusual places are only unusual if after you say you went there, people look concerned and ask, “Why?”

If your recourse is because it was there, you’re on the right track.

If you want to start with places more conventional, do this: go to a city. Alone, and with a notepad, sketch pad, really just any kind of pad. But you need a pad. Really, you should never go anywhere without a pad of some sort, but I’m guilty of this so I can’t talk.

You need a pad for impressions, ideas, and connections your mind makes when you’re not trying to make them.

Do fucking cool things. No one is going to come into your life and make you do fucking cool things. The only way someone does that is if you already do fucking cool things and that person wants to collaborate on fucking cool things with you.

Do captivating things because once you start doing things just because they are fascinating to you, then you start discovering who ‘you’ actually is. The person who likes rock-climbing interspersed with Japanese flower arranging in between visitations of abandoned wind mills and Civil War railroad tracks is a unique person.

Explore; be intriguing, do yourself. No one else will.


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