On gratitude

We don’t take time out of our day to think, “Wow, these people should be cherished.”

This isn’t an admonition of people; it’s an admonition of myself.

People do this as a principle of being human. Once we obtain the company of someone, we cherish it. It is novelty adored. And then, time. The novel is expected.

Appreciation ends.

Family, friends, and lovers — after a while the sparkle of newness around that person’s character is diminished so as to be unnoticeable. We start taking them for granted until the day we’re confronted with their loss.

Do not wait for an almost-loss or even actual loss to miss whomever. Think every day on what life would be like without that person and then hold them close.

Be effusive in love. One day, you won’t be able to.


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