On gratitude journaling

Last night, the goal of my researching was to find a gratitude practice that worked. For me, I’d heard of gratitude practices and wanted some intellectual thought exercise that was expansive. My mind made the decision that for something to have positive change in my life it had to be more complex than what my research showed gratitude journaling turns out to be.

Simply, it is writing down three to five things you’re grateful for in a notebook. Wow — too simple, correct? No: that is exactly what it is.

The deal however, is that you must be grateful for specifics. The appreciation you have for the sunlight streaming through your room and how it is dappled when it falls on your wall by some invisible tree branch outside. The pride you have for a sketch you did the night before: your drawing is really coming along, friend.

It has to be specific. Some people say you don’t even need a gratitude count — you don’t need three or five instances you feel gratitude for, just write down whatever comes. That’s fantastic but it’s also poor advice for a beginner.

If you’re starting a gratitude journal, make a commitment to find three things per day you’re grateful for. Once you have a practice, once you’re consistent, then make decisions on whether to vary how many gratitude moments you take note of.

I started today — I also hate people who recommend something they’ve only been doing for a day or a week. But I’ve been doing morning pages and daily meditation for around half a year. Every day, consistently. So kindly, fuck off.

If you have criticism, shove it and write your own piece.

Anyway, do gratitude journaling because it makes you happy and shit.


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