Where has all the time gone?

After I watch this video; after another page of Reddit; once I answer these emails.

We constantly postpone the good things in favor of things that will be forgotten.

I do it and I know exactly when I do it. I’ll be just about to meditate when I have the urge to check out what’s on YouTube. A couple videos later I tear myself away from the app. And yeah, I do go and meditate. But I’m in a completely different headspace. I’m distracted, I have a monkey mind, and on top of that I’m slightly numbed from having my entire attention captured by meaningless facts.

I’ve used brainpower on things that don’t deserve it.

It’s difficult but I know for a fact that when I’m about to watch a ten minute video and I ask myself whether I really need to finish it, I feel better. If I cut out at two minutes, I feel better. You’re just postponing what’s really going to bring happiness to your life.

Stop postponing what you need to do to be a well-functioning person — this is how you end up on your death bed wondering, “where has all the time gone?”


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