Do yourself

I’m taking a gap year to travel to Southeast Asia. Instead of going to school in September, I’ll be working. I’ll be working all the way up until December to make my personal dream of traveling for an extended period of time come true.

I have a friend who I’ve been hanging out with in a friend group for the past half a year. After me espousing my decision-making and my passion for traveling, he too will be taking a gap year instead of going to school. To the exact same place. Around the exact same time I’m leaving.

My emotions about this are conflicting: firstly, I feel as if he’s taking ‘my thing’. The thing that I’ve been working hard to make a reality, he’s just tagging along. But I also feel the need to take this in stride and see it as flattery.

And there is no worry; if he’s trying to do me then I’m fine because no one can do me like, guess who, me.

It’s all about monitoring these emotions, these feelings of percieved theft, and help the man along his way. If he needs help, offer it.

Do yourself and rest assured that no one can do it better.


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