I’m bored…

We typically say, “I’m bored” in resignation. It is a statement of defeat.

But be wary: if you find yourself saying those two words too often, the problem is not with the current situation. The problem is with you. You are boring.

So change that. When you say, “I’m bored,” follow it with, “So let’s do something interesting.” Become interesting by going to your local rock-climbing gym and signing up for a one day guest pass. If you like to draw, start on that. Create something — learn how to build a compost area in your backyard and then do it.

Read more books, take an online class — do something that contributes to your life.

Do not turn so quickly to the numbing respite of online television via Netflix — if your life fucking blows then do something about it.

Don’t numb yourself to it.


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