While your mind was so busy

We surround ourselves with so many projects, ideas, people, and things that we have no room to think.

Americans and the world in general has a stillness problem. You see it when you’re out with friends and someone’s phone dies: they lose their goddamn minds.

Never do you hear someone brag about how last Saturday they turned down invitation to a party and sat in. And they then turned their phone off, after which the person had a pleasant meal of yogurt with granola, some leftover steak, and apple juice in their backyard and thought about why they’re a business major when they fucking despise entrepreneurship.

Frequently, we surround ourselves with coffee dates and projects and ideas that need mulling over. With all that bustle, the unconscious voice that operates behind a locked door in the mind doesn’t have the room to suddenly gift you an insight on what it’s been working on.

Allow stillness into your life and you might be surprised to find out what you were actually thinking while your mind was so busy.


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