Try it

What is knowledge if it’s not put into practice?

What good are all the books, articles, and podcasts you listen to if you’re not applying what you’ve learned?

We see it so often with books — even books designed for real world application. Like Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. It’s a cult classic among those who want to travel. And it’s about how you can travel cheaply, sustainably, and in the relatively near future — a year maximum. Assuming you don’t have obligations like children or a mortgage. You can travel in a year, working a shitty job wherever, through smart spending and making travel a priority.

In the beginning of his book, Rolf says that the book is nothing if it’s not put into practice. If you don’t save money, if you don’t test the ideas you learn, don’t even read the book.

Yet so many people read Vagabonding, put it down, and say, Wow, I really enjoyed that. Then they keep dreaming about long-term travel.

So here’s a small actionable discipline you can take away from this post: everyone is concerned with personal happiness. What can you do today to be happier?

Simple — take a rubberband and put it on your right wrist. Then every time you complain about the weather, how it’s too hot, or too cold, or how it’s too nice and it’s making everyone pleasant and shit, snap the rubberband against your wrist. Then switch the rubberband from your right to your left hand.

Your goal is twenty-one days without complaint. 

That is an actionable step you can take, today, to be happier. 

Don’t just read this article and think, Hmm, that was interesting.

Try something new.


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