I don’t really have time right now…

I’m taking a year off school to travel. My friend’s are all going to four-year colleges and I’m working until December to save travel money. While landscaping and working in a gym I’ve had time to think.

In the gym, I watch a lot of people running at full sprint and staying in the same place.

When people find out I’m traveling instead of going to university, they always ask me about my travel plans with a smile, probing questions, and this insatiable need to live vicariously through my planning. They ask me where I’m going. For how long. What I’m doing in the meantime and when I leave. What I want to achieve when I get there.

When I tell them the reason, they’re always taken aback. People ask me why I’m going and I tell them, Because I want to, and so I’m going.

And it frustrates me because I see these people’s curiosity in travel and when I query them on whether they’d like to travel, the answer for every single person is the same: I’d love to, I just can’t right now.

And that’s fine. But the problem is, it almost seems like people feel guilty about trying to do something they really want to do. I hear these answers — and everyone has their excuse, mine could’ve been that I have to go to college first, but it’s not — and then I ask about the future. They say, Of course, the future, the netherland of imagination and tomorrow, they’ll go then. And nothing solidifies from that desire: it stays a desire and a vague idea of travel.

Ryan Holiday wrote a fantastic article on how to read more.

He asks the question, how do you sleep more? Eat more? Find time to binge-watch House of Cards? It’s a matter of what you see as necessary. Nobody has time. If you did, it would quickly be used productively. People make time for the things they care about. So it is with reading, and so it is with travel.

If you don’t make time, it will never happen. If you don’t solidify your desire with the purchase of a plane ticket, it’s not happening.

If you don’t finally make what you want in your life real, you’ll always have these vague desires and dreams that keep you sane while you instead accumulate fancy grills that double as bivouacs in extreme conditions, and water skii’s you can’t use because you don’t own a boat.

You’ll always be full sprint on that treadmill never getting anywhere.


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