Begin with the smallest actionable step

​​If you want to do something, start with the smallest possible step. 

The reason we don’t follow through with many goals that we intend to, is that we have these grand idea’s of what the product will be like. We look at people who’ve been doing something for years, like sketching, and instantly aspire to that level. 

An example of starting small: I’m painting cabinets in my house. I’ve never painted cabinets before in my life — I get it, it probably won’t be that hard. But there’s still a process to follow that may seem slightly daunting and could derail your entire goal. 

So today — about fifteen minutes ago, actually — I opted to start with the smallest actionable step. I took the cabinet doors off their hinges, and unscrewed every screw until I had two blank door pieces, two planks, and a lot of screws.

And the most important part: I’ve begun, and I feel pretty good that I’ve begun. It’s a small win. But in the beginning, these small wins are everything, they’ll build momentum for me. 

And before I know it, I’ll be painting cabinets and wondering just how in the hell I got there.


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