Fear tells you you’re on the right track.

When you feel dragonflies in your stomache, and doubts haunt your mind, that’s not a bad thing — that’s a physiological response telling you, There is potential here to do something cool.

And if that concept is not enough to get me to do something, I think ahead to the future. What if I didn’t do this thing? What would happen if, because I was afraid, my fear persuaded me to, no, don’t sneak into that high school construction site, we could get in trouble. Let’s go home, watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and pass out with flaming hot cheeto’s strewn across the couch.

What would’ve happened then is that I would’ve regretted not sneaking into the construction site with my four other friends, and I would be plagued with, What if? for the next week. Then I would promptly forget the event had occurred. Instead, we spent three hours there, throwing cinder blocks off the four story roof, and exploding fire extinguishers. And now I have a story.

But let’s take a slightly different tack — that story was the small scale. What if we become involved with the big-scale? What if we apply this concept to the meaningful issues in life, like whether to travel for a year before university or go straight to college?

My girlfriend just had her college orientation for the past two days. And I started freaking out slightly. Because it’s becoming real. She’s going to be going to college, and I will be working for another four months before I leave to travel Southeast Asia. In fact, everyone is leaving for college while I’m the only one — that’s a lie, I convinced a good friend of mine to travel to Southeast too, but I think he’s taking a semester in Munich first — who isn’t going to school first.

And I started to question whether I’d made the right choice.

Whether I’d made a mistake.

But then I thought back to what I’ve just written; the presence of fear tells you there is potential for greatness. No man ever did something great without feeling fear first. It wouldn’t be great without it.

The next time you feel fear, don’t say, Oh fuck, my hands are beginning to shake, I’m nervous, how do I stop this?

Give a wry grin instead, and think, Ah, I have a lead.


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