This post was going to be about routines. My mind planned the whole idea during my morning meditation — there were going to be pretty links next to pretty pictures with useful resources.

I even outlined the post in greater detail during my morning write. Then my notebook ran out of paper. Thought process: Okay, just write down the dates (May 17 – July 19), the Journal number (three),  put it in your cabinet, and write your post.

Queue me spying my high school yearbook and being like, Wow, I never did read senior superlatives/senior quotes/the-who-wants-to-be-what-superhero-and-why section did I?

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We don’t have a section like that. Just to be clear.

And so here I lay, an hour hence, mind-numbed from reading that quote from Wayne Gretzky over and again.



So today, I’d like to give ideas on what to write when you don’t feel like writing a single goddamn word and why you should especially write when you don’t feel like it. I’m going to use some quotes for this — fuck, I love quotes — and the first quotes is one I’ve used before, not too long ago.

‘All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.’ So finally I would write one true sentence, and then go on from there. It was easy then because there was always one true sentence that I knew or had seen or had heard someone say.

Ernest Hemingway


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Image by Alessandro Trapasso via VSCO.

Whenever I think on that thought process, I think of this question, What do I know most, write now, in this exact moment? And then write about that.

You always know something to be true in this moment that even though it’s only thought, you can almost taste it. For me, right now, that was I’d just spent the past forty-five minutes reading senior quotes from my high school class, and now had no idea how in Satan’s crotch I was going to write a post. Simply mind-numbed, I was. And I realized that what I wanted to write on was that. Not wanting to write. And by writing on that, I could explain how I circumvent the feeling and hopefully, help other people to circumvent the it too.



Now, that’s a fantastic technique by Hemingway. I thank him whenever I ask myself that question.

(You can find more Hemingway quotes on writing here.)

The second part of that is, Okay, I have something to write about now but… I’m still in an abhorrent mood and whatever I write is going to be shit. Valid point. Now, let me take you to a book on Mindfulness. It’s a week by week guide on how to meditate correctly and it is recommended by me. There’s a quote/concept in it that attempts to combat feeling shitty and not wanting to meditate.

Mark Williams and Danny Penman argue that those moments when you really don’t feel like meditating, those are the moments when you need to meditate the most. Those are the times when your emotional state pines for a leveler.

Likewise with writing — the moments when you just don’t feel like writing? Those are the moments you most need to write. And some of your best and most honest work can come out of writing when you don’t feel like. Because of your mood, you tend to write honestly, briefly, and with a surprisingly passionate apathy.

And there you have it: a two-step guide to writing when you don’t feel like it.

And I’ll write that routine post tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “‘Fuck me, can I not write this write now?’

  1. Gladly accepted my friend. And no, we’ve all been there. I struggle with it often as well. In fact, some of my posts are ridiculously brief with the purpose of just posting something. Here’s one:

    I’m not too proud of that one. And if you have trouble writing, something that might help is reading more:

    Not only does reading give you access to generations of knowledge from some of the smartest thinkers, but once you start reading them they ping thoughts off of you that you might never have considered. That’s when you start getting idea’s to write off of.

    And obviously, the best thing you can do is just to write. From there you’ll learn what you enjoy writing about simply from your gravitation to the topic, and you’ll improve as a writer.

    And here’s just a – hopefully – motivational piece I wrote a little bit ago.

    Have a good one! You don’t have to check out the posts but if you do, hope they help!


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