My three quotes: July 22

My last installment of the three quotes a day challenge. Just when I thought I had a collection of fantastic quotes upon fantastic quotes, I realize that some of them are just not. Humbled in three days.

So, here’s the first. Seneca the Younger on death:

Why do you voluntarily deceive yourself and require to be told now for the first time what fate it is that you have long been laboring under?

Take my word for it: since the day you were born you are being led thither. We must ponder this thought, and thoughts of the like nature, if we desire to be calm as we await that last hour, the fear of which makes all previous hours uneasy.

The second is from the Dalai Lama. I used to have attachment problems with girls until my girlfriend and I started dating, and this was a quote used to keep myself in check.

Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.

The last, another Dalai Lama saying.

My religion is kindness.

Hopefully you all enjoyed. These are quotes used in my daily life, whenever things get hard or I need a reminder. My hope is they serve the same purpose for you.


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