Stop — whatever you’re doing, stop right now.

I just did the same, if you just happen to be self-conscious about holding a mug of coffee halfway between the desk and your mouth.

But seriously, stop whatever you’re doing right now. This is imperative for the rest of you life — I’m not saying what you’re about to read is guaranteed to make you happy for the rest of your life. I am saying it’s a damn good start.

I’m going to talk in the context of drinking coffee. Stop, and just look at the coffee. Have you even really tasted it yet today? I doubt it. Why? Because unless I make a conscious effort, the coffee in my mug mostly just enters straight into my body without the full conscious power of my mind’s notice.

And I doubt you’re much different from me.

Look around yourself — where are you? Have you even noticed, really noticed, what is going on around you? In this moment? Often the minutes fly past like seconds, like the bird that flies through the trees. This is worrying to me.

What are you doing? How does your body feel right now? Are you in a shitty mood? It’s funny how often we’re in a shitty mood and we’re kind of aware of it but not really — and we allow the shitty mood to influence the decisions we make. And then when someone asks you, Hey, you having a rough day? We kind of just go, Oh, yeah, I guess I sort of am.

It’s worrying there’s this lack of awareness in our lives on the second to second basis because that second to second basis is what our lives consist of.

Our lives don’t consist of future projection: thinking about what we’re doing that weekend. Our lives are here.

This moment is your life. It’s important you notice it because you can find the expansive in the infinitesimal — what your life consists of in this one second, right here, that you’re currently living? That’s going to be the rest of your life.

Live right here and now, for the fear that you don’t miss it.


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