My title was going to be the last line

But I didn’t think you’d read it.

We know rhythm by how it feels.

We can feel presence. When we don’t force. Unthinking, things happen because they were supposed to happen at that time, in that order. People also call it flow.

I’m reading a book called Live Your Truth by Kamal Ravikant. In it, Kamal mentions a book: the Book of Five Rings by Musashi Miyamoto, the greatest Japanese swordsmen in history.

“There is a rhythm to everything,” Musashi wrote. “To music, battle, even mounting a horse. You cannot ignore it. Rhythm to being in harmony with others, and a rhythm to not being in harmony with them.”

This passage in Live Your Truth… It didn’t strike me. Too aggressive. But it rang like a passage on rhythm and harmony should ring; like it was supposed to be read in that moment.

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Work space.

While reading, my mind jumped to being with my girlfriend — when we are in rhythm, it’s beautiful, and all action is natural. We are in sync. And it’s also in other parts of life. Talking to friends, working at your job. You could be moving quickly to others, but your thought is so there that you might as well be in slow-motion.

And the question is, How do we increase the level of flow in our life? How do we create harmony?

These two questions are flawed. Rhythm and harmony cannot be increased or created. Rhythm and harmony are there, to be uncovered. And I cannot tell you how to do it — everyone is different and on top of that, I’m not in flow all the time either.

But I can tell you something I’ve discovered recently. It may be corny, cheesy, or my personal favorite, frou-frou. But I feel it to be true.

In your mind, say it right now, I love myself. And then do it again. And again. Over-ride your mind with this thought — I love myself. Misunderstand, me at your peril: this is not a ten-minute exercise for happiness. It is disciplined, concerted effort to break your mind of it’s negative neural ruts and impose a new order. I love myself. Say it over and over again and every time you say it, feel it. Feel it as deeply as you can.

If you have this mental phrase, I love myself, repeating as if broken on a record, over and over, eventually your mind is forced to take it in. It’s like someone knocking on the door: the mind will ignore it if you knock once. But when you barge down the door with this self-love, it is forced to offer living space.

This is a very brief summary of a technique I’ve just read in Kamal’s other book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. Really — I highly recommend it.


I don’t have more for you — just a recommendation to get that book and do your own searching. I’ll leave with what Kamal ended his book with.

Love yourself.


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