A lot of people are good. A lot of people are clever. Not a lot of people give you their soul when they perform.

Neil Strauss

That’s a nifty quote I wanted to share.

Everyone has a voice in their head. A voice that congratulates us when we say something witty in public. A voice that makes us feel good when we’re being productive.

It’s also a Voice that will make you feel like trash when – not if – you say something stupid. It’s a Voice that will assault you. It’s a voice that will make you question every decision.

It’s not a surprise the Voice does this – think about the good scenario’s I’ve just listed. They are based on how well you’ve done. Do well, be praised. Good job, self.

Everyone will agree on this front. There is a Voice.

So, why do we feel superior to those who champion positive self-talk? We already do self-talk. Just poorly, semi-consciously, and often negatively. Most of the time we’re unaware of this Voice that’s dropping you deeper into a dark hole.

So if already do self-talk, here’s a question: what if we hijack the mechanism, and use it to our own benefit? What if rather than having our mind run through neural pathways we’ve rutted into our brain for years, we become conscious of the self-talk? And what if we make a commitment for just one week, say ‘I love myself?’ over and over.


For me, so far, it’s been a game-changer. I tell you this now, because I’ve been doing it ever since I read Kamal’s book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. For him, it did depend on it. He was in a dark place. His friend died, his company tanked, and his girlfriend broke up with him. He made a vow: he would never feel that low again.

A fierce commitment: I will love myself. Whether I want to or not.

And he would say it over, and over again. In his mind: I love myself. I love myself. And he made a point to feel it every time he said it.

He may not have believed it at first but over time, with enough repetition, you can believe anything. That’s a top technique in marketing. And now you can research Kamal. He’s a happiness success. Just google search him.

For me, I read his book and was tired of looking for things to make me happy. A new book that would give me a boost for a week. A party I could talk about with friends for a little bit. An adventure daring enough to give me an adrenaline rush.

I read his book and thought, I connect with this. The truth is always more simple than we make it to be.

And so I’ve done it for the past three or four days. And I can tell you, right now, in just three or four days.

I love myself.



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