How to not care what your readers think

I wrote a post a few days ago about vulnerability. In it, I gave a slight aside to my recent obsession with like’s and followers. Maybe obsession is too strong a word. But it’s taken more precedence over my mind than I like.

I write to better myself. Morning pages were my first writing discipline. Then an interview with Seth Godin convinced me to start blogging daily. Writing helps me think, and it’s fun when my words get read too.

Until my focus is too much on having words read. Then it gets toxic and we definitely don’t want that.

Judge thusly: if only this priority got done today, would you be satisfied? Set aside two to three hours purely for that task.

So I read a book called You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins. Jeff levels with you about what it takes to be a writer. And one of the things it takes, is writing when you don’t have an audience, and maybe people even dislike your work.

And paradoxically, something I’ve found is if people enjoy your work enough to hit you with likes, it can be more damaging to writing your truth than if no one reads you – if you don’t manage it correctly.

So recently I’ve been doing something very simple, very easily actionable.

Write a post. Upload it on your site. And then – here’s the crucial step – don’t check your notifications until you sit down to write your next post.

For me, that’s the next day. I’ve done this the past few days and it’s like fresh air. I’d felt  pressure getting to me, the desire to write for audience rather than writing for myself.

Not only does this step almost negate the pressure because I’m not constantly thinking about what the public response is – and therefore, also have more mental space for post ideas to jump into – but it’s motivation to write my next post. I don’t get to see what the response was to my last post until I commit to writing another.

I don’t know need to be checking my phone every half an hour to see if another person liked my post.

I don’t need to know how many people have visited my site in the past thirty-seven and a quarter minutes. Just write what is the truth right now, and that’s it. Irrespective of public opinion.

And it’s kind of fun when you check your notifications the next day, before you write another post, and you’ve got them all sitting there for you.

But that’s the egotistical side of me; I’m human, and we’re all fallible.


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7 thoughts on “How to not care what your readers think

  1. I like your post very much. I am a new blogger and I worry about what others think. I have to not think about it so much and write what I want.

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  2. Very well said. Today when I wrote down my post and then seeing it after one hour, I saw no reader. Then a thought crept in my mind- is someone gonna read it.. It’s about saving water – and all think that it’s just a lecture not worth reading.. But then I thought it’s ok.. I m writing for my own. If they think it’s bullshit and not worth reading then it’s ok.. I have done my work.. Now it you to decide what to do.. Whatever you do will have consequences in future..


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