A joke is made that hurts just enough

A joke is made: laugh it off. Never take yourself too seriously. Ever.

That’s the best response.

But I always think; I make jokes about others sometimes. With some of my close friends, and with friends I’m not too close with.

And that joke starts as a thought. About who they are – they care too much what others think.

A joke about that turns from thought to words. Then, ideally, to laughter.

And I note – it’s a joke. Often, about people I spend the most amount of time with. So I do like them.

But I joke about a flaw of theirs. Not seriously, but serious enough. It’s bathed in truth although the words suggest humor.

And then a joke is made about me. Laugh it off. Because the worse thing we can do is take ourselves too seriously.

But where is the kernel of truth that led to those words?


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