That is what separates lions from men

We say we are happy. We say everything is good. Okay.

Try something for me.

For one week.

Turn off Netflix. Not next week, now. Preferably today, but if you must finish this binge-watch session, I’ll give you tomorrow.

Also: don’t drink. Or smoke. For another week.

When you use the bathroom, or eat food, or go to bed to fall asleep, do just that thing. Do not use your phone as a distraction crutch.

Be on that stone cold basin shitting with just your thoughts.

And eating, with just your thoughts.

Many people won’t attempt this. Why?

Because it’s a stupid challenge. Because there’s no point. Because, because, because.

Because deep down, we realize that once we give up the plush pillows surrounding us we might actually have to face the deep-rooted problems we’re living with.

That once I can’t bury my problems into yet another sitcom, I may think to myself, Fuck. I really need to do something about my life.

And that’s scary.

But the choice between comfort and action?

That’s what separates lions from boys.


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