Really, just aim for not terrible

Ideally, we never stop writing long enough for our brain’s writing muscle to go limp.

That’s why I write every day – not only does writing get easier and more natural as you write every day, but by writing every day you beat the learning curve. Versus the once a week writer, you have almost an eight-fold output advantage.

Okay. That’s fantastic for super-humans. Those folks who have nothing to do all day and can just write.

road trip with my girlfriend // august eleven

But what about the real people? The people who have good streaks and then lapse.

We’re still writers, we just need to get back in the groove.

And my preferred method for doing this? A decent-sized output of literary shit.

Haven’t written for two days? That’s perfectly fine, bud. Just know that your ideas are not going to flow as well as they did. Let’s not kid ourselves. I’m re-writing this post and editing it an extra two more times just so it’s not terrible.

I don’t even want it to be good – I just want it to not be terrible.

Aim low, sail high. If you set the bar for not terrible, it’s an accomplishable task that’s going to get you writing again.

So, a few things. If you’ve stopped writing and can’t think of what to write about? Write a post on how to conquer that problem. That post, like this one, could be about how you can’t write.

Know you’re not as fluid as you were two days ago. Know this ahead of time and adjust accordingly with heavier editing. At the best of times, we should be editing our posts down to the bare minimum of words anyway.

And as my rule for writing in general goes:

Aim for shit. Because if I keep writing shit, then my shit becomes progressively less shitty and eventually, I may look upon the words I’ve written with something resembling pride.

And if something turns out okay? I’m always pleasantly surprised.


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