To be someone people would die for

If you’re looking for growth as a person, there’s a simple rule. Do the opposite of what your mind tells you.

I like hot showers. I take cold showers. The discipline that comes from stepping into freezing water every damn day will instantly put you in the upper ten percent, five percent, hell, even maybe one percent of people in the world in terms of self-control.

How many people do you know that have the mental steel to do it?

If you’re nervous about meeting new people. Do the opposite of what your mind tells you. My first impulse is cry and go fetal in a distant corner. Instead, go talk to someone. I guarantee you, it’s going to be awkward. And don’t you dare have any illusions. But you know what happens when you keep getting in awkward situations?

You start to become bored with the awkwardness. It’s still awkward, sure, but exposure leads to: not giving a shit. It stops being awkward, and from then on the question you ask yourself is not, How do I keep this from being awkward? it’s, How can I make this fun for myself?

I guarantee you if you’re serving your own amusement in social interactions, just the fact that you’re having fun makes the other person have fun as well.

And lastly, perhaps one of the most important denials of impulse. When you start to feel angry, what do you do? Your body tells you to hold onto that anger. Amplify it, grow it, let it burn. Whispers into your ear that you will not be talked to like that.

And it’s true – you should have self-respect. But anger is an insidious poison masquerading as a protector. It will literally ruin relationships over the smallest detail. So when you feel anger, if you want to grow as a person, do the opposite of what your mind wants.

Respond with love.

Anyone can be angry. But the man who responds with unconditional heart when everyone else would respond with heated words?

That is someone people would die for.

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