Do yourself a favor

There’s a documentary on Netflix called Somm – it’s about three young wine tasters preparing to take the Master Sommelier exam. The exam has a pass rate of less than ten percent.

Note that: three young wine tasters. Some of the most promising young Sommelier’s in the United States when the film was made, just happened to be friends. Two of them passed the exam and became Master Sommelier’s.

Don’t think this was by coincidence.

No doubt these guys were all exceptional wine tasters, but when you watch the documentary the guys are relentless. They hound each other, they stay up until four am studying note cards of different wine regions together, they do blind tastings together – a tasting when you don’t know the wine and have to identify it by taste – and they compete with each other.

It’s not a mistake two of the three passed one of the most difficult exam’s in the world.

They had a network. A network of people to work with is vital – people compete with each other, critique each other, praise each other, and give each other shit. Sharing tips, being there when you feel weak and vice versa, setting challenges for each other. Having friends who do what you do is a fast-track to getting better.

This is true for any branch of creatives: photography, art, writing, design.

So do yourself a favor – if you know someone who’s been trying to get into vlogging, or you know a photographer who just shoots things every now and then for fun, reach out. Start hanging out with creatives. Go on shooting projects. Do photo-a-day challenges or post-a-day challenges.

And if you can, go deeper than just general creatives – go to writer’s workshops and make writer friends. Writer’s you can personally talk to and compete with is almost like cheating on your learning curve.

And in the spirit of this post – if anyone likes my writing, has any comments for me, or maybe wants me to take a look at one of their pieces, shoot me a comment.

I’d love to take a look at it.

Processed with VSCO
Image by Alessandro Trapasso.


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