This post is a somewhat update.

I wrote a bit ago about a book by Kamal Ravikant entitled Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. 

There’s a technique in it, that I won’t go much into, but it’s basically a repetition of, I love myself.

Over and over again. It sounds fruity, but I, and he far more eloquently than I, explained why it works.

By the end of the post I finished with, I love myself. And it was one hundred percent the truth. This update is a kind of, does-it-really-work in the long-term style post, in addition to a new saying I’ve taken to repeating in my mind.

The verdict:

it does work in the long-term with the caveat that you need commitment. I felt that I loved myself so much when I wrote the post about it. Then after a week or so, my commitment to it faded. My mind became bogged down with other worries, distractions, and commitments. It was mostly forgotten besides the occasional half-hearted, I love myself.

Now, story time. I have a girlfriend. And I love seeing her everyday. Recently, we haven’t been seeing each other as much because she’s getting ready to go to college – but we’ve still been hanging out more than most other peoples normal. She started seeing friends of hers before she heads to college, and doing things with her family, because, you know, she’s headed to college. It makes sense and I completely understand it. So it was sort of a dick move for my body and mind to start generating feelings of betrayal and jealousy.

At root, I’m a pretty jealous guy. I want things to myself, ever since that fire truck in kindergarten. I temper it with meditation, writing, and really, really good quotes, but sometimes I’ll be caught in my emotions. It’s irrational, but fuck it I’m human.

So I got stoned one night while she was out with friends and wrote. I wrote a six thousand word piece. It’s in my drafts and I haven’t touched it because it looks like a level ninety-six Demagorgon.

An idea was brought to the forefront of my mind while writing and then, subconsciously starting making itself known over the next few days. Jealousy arrives when I don’t love myself.

I don’t love myself, and so I see things outside of me as the only thing that can bring happiness. So follows coveting, and jealousy when those things are taken away. That’s how I was.

And just the realization, that the root of my jealousy was because I wasn’t loving myself was discovery of waffles when I was eight big.

And so I started repeating, I love myself. Whenever I think of it. And if you’ve forgotten about the repetition for a few weeks, you’re not going to love yourself when you say it. I absolutely didn’t. Especially if you’re trying to get out of jealousy, sadness, or anger with it. So every time you say it, it must be felt. Say it, I love myself. Look for that love in your body. It may take a few repetitions, but you will find that love somewhere.

And once you find it, it’ll grow. And keep growing it, and keep growing, and keep growing until a grin breaks out on your face and you feel it wash through your body, and fade. Don’t struggle to keep that feeling around – let it wash over you, and let it pass. Then say thank you.

There’s another phrase I heard from Tony Robbins. Life is too short to suffer.

He said that in an interview and I almost didn’t write it down. Life is too short to suffer. 

I get it, you probably won’t take too much note of it either. But let me repeat it again, because you fucking should take note; Life, is too short to suffer.

I heard him say it and my first reaction was, Duh, of fucking course it’s too short to suffer. Now give me something actionable I can use.

But I thought, Maybe he knows what he’s talking about. So I write it down. And then I was mulching some beds for money to travel, and thinking.

I was jealous of my girl. She had fun plans, I was hanging with some old friends.

And it hit me.

Life is too fucking short to suffer. 

Life is too short to moan and cry and feel sorry for yourself. Wish others the best in whatever they decide to do. Life is too short to be wishing bad on other people.

If you love yourself, life is too short to suffer.

There’s no room for it if you want to live a good life.

If you repeat those statements on a loop in your head, you’ll be fine. I swear it.


11 thoughts on “Why life is too short to suffer

    1. No worries, I’m not sure if there’s a direct messaging system on here or not. If there is, shoot me a message. If there’s not, write a post about it and then link me so I can take a look at it!

      Also, I just checked out your blog and notice you’ve been posting a few times a day lately. And I thought I posted a lot, well done! Keep it up Anna 🙂


      1. I do wonder if there’s a direct messaging system. Methinks I’ll just write a post in response to it… is it OK if I down link to your blog? Also, yeah, I’ve been posting an unreasonable amount lately… I didn’t post for almost a whole year and I want to spend some time reviving and refreshing things. It’s quite fun, really. Sometimes I just have a lot to say! 🙂

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