When you’re worried about marketing rather than writing

Because I write every day I tend to have an inflated opinion of how good my writing actually is. It’s alright.

But over the past few months writing, or trying to, every day I’ve started to think, Why haven’t more people liked my writing? Where is the sudden outpouring of followers that comes from being a good writer? Is it my marketing, should I start creating social media profiles? What could possibly be the reason?

And I found the reason yesterday. I have one hundred and twenty-six posts up on my blog. The archive system I had in place wasn’t helpful, so I did spring cleaning and added categories. It took my about three hours to go back through all my posts, read each one, and categorize them.

And by reading through all the work I’ve created, two things happened; there was a realization, and a sense hope.

The realization – I have sixty followers, no more, and no less, because I’m a sixty follower writer. Starting at the beginning of my writing, and finishing reading the post from yesterday the veil was taken off my eyes. Just because I write every day doesn’t mean everything is good it just means I’m consistently getting better.

And by reading through every post and finishing yesterday, it made sense why I ‘only’ – I would’ve killed for sixty followers a couple months ago – have sixty followers. My writing is at a sixty follower level. And when my writing gets better, my followers will naturally increase.

That was the realization.

The hope came from the exact same action: reading through every post I’ve ever written. Because my first posts were bad. As in, I gave them their own category called Early work so people wouldn’t judge me too harshly. And I even put posts from a few months ago into that early work category if I just thought they were bad writing.

But I came through the months, and gradually my writing got better. Like, a lot better.

And that gave me a sense of hope. I have made progress. A ridiculous level of progress.

I’ve written before about how not to care what your readers think – this is kind of along the same lines. How to not care how many followers you have. Or maybe how to stop complaining why you don’t have as many as you think you should.

You don’t have as many followers as you think you should because your writing’s not there yet.

We don’t need to improve our marketing skills – we need to take a writing workshop.

And instead of followers, focus on how to improve others lives.

Good writing, mixed with an insatiable desire to help?

People will do your marketing for you.


Hey guys, if you read all this I really appreciate it! 

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