There was a conversation with a friend recently. He’d traveled around France for a month this summer. Apparently it was life-changing. I’d congratulated him, and eventually made my way around to the question I pretty much knew the answer to: how did he afford it?

His parents had paid for the trip he told me. I’m not sure but I think I caught a slightly abashed look on his face.

We meet someone, and they seem like an alright person.

And then we find out they have a massive house. They own a boat. They wear designer clothes and they drive a nice car.

Even further; all their recent pictures on Instagram are from a trip to the Bahamas, or Europe, or South America.

The point is, frequently when I go to someone’s house and learn they have nicer things than I do, or go on nicer vacations, or has all the latest toys, I’m cowed. Because I want those things, and I want the experiences those things bring. And so I act differently around that person — suddenly, their approval means something to me.

I’m embarrassed, but I’ll sometimes flatter the person just because I like playing with the nice toys that person has. That’s not my proudest thing to admit, but it’s true.

Often, this looking at what someone has, or where they go for vacation, can lead to jealousy. And that’s when I have to remind myself of something.

Look at people. Not what they do, wear, or can afford — but who they are. 

If you find yourself being enamored by a person’s money, or objects, ask yourself if you’d like the person without them.

Look at who a person is — not what they have. And then make your decision.


5 thoughts on “When you find yourself enamored by what a person has

  1. It is so true. We find too many people in our lives whose lives are so much better than ours and we usually try to seek their attention. But, if a person is being awed and tends to spend time with another person just for the sake of his or her money it won’t last for long. It is meant to end someday.

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