There’s an exceptional documentary on Netflix called Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Jiro is an elderly sushi chef in Japan. His entire life has been dedicated to sushi, and a seat in his restaurant runs over three hundred dollars.

His entire life has been dedicated to the craft, and what he serves is breathtaking. Critics don’t believe it when they dine at his restaurant.

They’re served a piece of salmon, or tuna, or what-have-you, painted with ‘nikiri,’ a type of restaurant made soy sauce, and have a cushion of rice.

That’s it.

Critics can’t believe that something so simple can have such depth.

Jiro has stripped sushi down to it’s essence. And that’s why his plates run over three hundred dollars a sitting.

Take this and apply it to your writing. When you could be writing less instead of more, do it. And take out what you can when you edit.

Strip your words to the core that’s necessary to convey your message.

See if it lends your work increased depth of expression.


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