It often takes a death to appreciate who we have in our lives.

Since my brother passed away when I was younger, I’ve thought on this a lot.

People will be lolly-gagging along in life, not too happy, but not too sad either. On a neutral keel. And then someone close dies.

And you hear the person go, Oh, shit. I need to do something with my life. I need to create things.

An insatiable need for excellence is born. A need to live and experience all you can. A need that says, Fuck feeling bitter, sad, and lonely. There is so little time, and now it’s so abundantly clear.

And that’s when you see the journey for the person begin. That’s when they start to appreciate their girlfriend, their family, their friends. The people we take for granted. That’s when they stop jerking off, and start taking walks. Then eventually hikes. Then whatever they want.

That’s their Harajuku moment.

Harajuku moment – Noun – The moment when you realize, I can’t put this off any longer. Change must happen now. 

And I get it. By that definition, this article is pretty much useless. A very, very low percentage of people are going to completely change ingrained habit pathways simply by reading this two-hundred and fifty word post.

But still, I have to pose the question at the very least.

Does someone have to die before you are not satisfied with mediocrity?


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