I work front desk at a gym during the day. Usually I get to write, read, and relax. Basically do whatever I want.

Today was slightly different. I did my normal things, and then about an hour ago the general manager comes up and asks me to help clean nasty work-out machines. Hair, dirt, dust, and sweat coated these disgusting things.

And that lasted for an hour or so. Hour and a half maybe.

But a half hour in, I started thinking, Dude, this freaking blows — I work front desk, why’re they having me clean these machines? But the personal trainers and my managers were out there cleaning too, so I couldn’t really complain.

And then a thought dawned on me; does it really matter what work I’m doing as long as it’s furthering my purpose in life?

If doing this kind of work is furthering my dream to travel, I should want to do it every day.

I’m not sure about other people, but entitled thoughts sometimes come to me.

I shouldn’t have to do manual labor, I shouldn’t have to do disgusting work, I shouldn’t have to bust my ass to earn money to travel.

Dude, if you have the privilege to even be able to further your dream, you should take whatever work comes with a smile on your face.

Enough of entitlement, complaints, and whining. They’re not going to help you in whatever you pursue in life. Especially complaints, whining, and a non-working attitude.

World-class soccer players are born in dirty, poor streets.

You’ve probably heard of Cristiano Ronaldo at some point. When he was younger, he was so poor he would ball dirty pieces of laundry together and play around with it like it was a soccer ball. He couldn’t afford a real one.

If you’re advancing your life purpose, does it really matter whether you’re flipping burgers or washing dishes? Cleaning disgusting work-out machines?

And if you hate your job, and you’re not advancing your life purpose, then you have a serious problem. You can make good money and still be poor.

It’s better to do shit work in the pursuit of something you love, than to not have any hope at all.


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