It’s not something you can buy

Wordsmith is a pleasant word for writer. It’s dorky, but I’m a bit of a dork. That’s not a joke.

The only reason I didn’t play Dungeons and Dragons in high school was one, I wanted friends, and two, I knew I would get way too into it and have it take over my life. So I’ve steered away.

I like writer. But wordsmith has a ring to it I can’t explain. I take so much pleasure in writing, and I love seeing pieces. I’ve written. And I’m not even a particularly good writer.

But no matter who you are, you need to have a mode of creative expression. I don’t mean something like your fashion sense – not something you can buy. Something you can craft. A picture. A painting. Words, sound off a guitar, or hell, if you really like fashion, maybe designing your own clothing for shits and giggles.

But something you can grow with, and become better at as a means of expression. Because how can you know what you want to say, if you don’t have a voice?

If you don’t have a creative pursuit that you can create things from nothing with, you don’t really have a way of telling the world how you feel.

Think about it – when you’re angry and you write words or draw a picture, that creation takes on the mask of you, then and there. It’s you screaming at the world. Or you making peace with it. Or sometimes you just want to tell the world how beautiful she is.

But if you don’t have a craft with which to glorify, malign, or express yourself, how can you expect the world to listen?


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