I want to write for myself. My blog is getting more popular. My posts are getting enough attention for me to start subconsciously catering to who I’m writing for.

That’s bad. If I’m putting up politically correct, sterile post that are exactly what I think others want to hear, then I’m going to be writing some shitty posts.

It’s actually gotten to the point where I feel I’m writing for other people and not myself so much that in the past five days, I’ve only written two or three posts for my supposed ‘daily blog’.

You feel what I’m saying? So this post is my attempt to take back my writing for me. Just doing some shit that I think is fun.

Banana blueberry pancakes.

Like that shit. I like that shit. It makes me smile a little inside.

I’ve written before about what readers’ come to your blog for. You can have a lifestyle blog, a travel blog, whatever the bumblefuck. But ultimately, your readers come back for you. Who you are as a writer.

So, since my blog is a lifestyle blog, the emphasis is more on how I say things than what I’m saying. When you follow this blog, you follow it for who I am and what I’ve deemed helpful enough to share.

And at the very least, I’m just writing for what I think is fun and helpful – and sometimes it helps people through how they’re feeling or whatever.

I’ve read a lot on what growing your brand means, and ‘having a platform’ is all about. That topic gets traffic from beginner writers who fade away within a few months.

I’ve noticed in things I stick in long enough that after a while, I stop looking up things on how to spread my influence. I just focus on doing the thing, irrespective of how others’ see it.

I just write because I don’t know my take on it until it’s written down.

Maybe I don’t even want this blog to blow up. Maybe I just want to write because writing is fun and I feel I’m decently good at it. Maybe I don’t want to worry about how many readers I have, or how many likes I get, or when I can successfully monetize my website.

What if I just want to write a piece about the deliciousness of apples, because I had an apple yesterday that was fucking bomb.

Now, looking up at the post, I’m kind of like… There’s no way people will enjoy this post.

So maybe I’ll tie it all together with a little string, just to see the underlying theme I’ve been writing about.

Stop worrying about others; do you.

In writing, in life. The only fight is being better today than you were yesterday.

And love life. Try and do that too, no matter how difficult it seems.

Act with kindness.

Do those things and you should be alright.


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