Let me clear you of a myth – complaining does not make you well-liked, intriguing, or fun to be around.

I feel the urge to complain all the time. There are so many small things that can get on our nerves, and frequently our first reaction is to complain.

Someone cuts you off while driving. Fuck him. The line at Chipotle is miles. Seriously man? I’m just trying to get a burrito.

Dude, everyone’s just trying to get a burrito.

Complaining makes it seem like your life is miserable.

I want life to be filled with tears of laughter, light-heartedness, and fun. Any time someone starts bitching about the little things that, you know, make up life I think to myself, Oh, another one? How long must I listen to this person’s negativity?

Everyone has little problems. It’s how you react to them that determines what kind of person you are.

So I have a challenge for you. Be the light when everyone else tries to bring darkness. Be the stroke of positivity in the group that shit talks someone behind their back. Don’t participate. Don’t complain. It will only make people not want to be around you.

Two more things: one is an actionable step for a positive lifestyle. The second is an admittance.

The actionable step. Get a rubber band, and put it on. Next time you complain, snap it against your wrist, and switch it to your other wrist. Your goal is to make it to twenty-one days.

Now, you can do the twenty-one day challenge. I find having a goal in the beginning of anything helps. But now I just wear the rubber band as a reminder to stay positive, as a reminder to not complain.

Now for the admittance.

When I write these posts, they’re always a reminder to myself. Do this action.

Now, just because I write these posts doesn’t mean I perfectly follow what I preach. Everyone has their off days. I for one, was with my girlfriend today and we were getting some last minute Chipotle before I headed back home from her university. When we rolled into the college town Chipotle lot, all of the spaces had a parking number and a sign that said to pay at your nearest pay station.

What. You want me to pay money so I can go spend more money on food, are you fucking kidding? And my girlfriend had already paid for my parking just so I could visit her this weekend. Basically, I just kind of started going, Fuck this, fuck that, this college town bleeds you of money, damn.

In my defense, my rubber band of positivity had broken the night before.

So there’s that caveat – I try my hardest to be a positive person who doesn’t complain, not even for the smallest thing. But everyone fucks up.


Everyone loves positive, kind people. And living life, everyone has so much to complain about nowadays. Frankly, I wonder if people ever get tired of being so down in life. How much endurance it must take to complain constantly, about even the most trivial things.

Please: be an oasis of happiness in a world increasingly surrounded by dour pessimists.

Be the person who when your name is mentioned somewhere, the words, Oh, Alex? Yeah, I freaking love that guy, inevitably follow.


4 thoughts on “Everyone loves positive, kind people

  1. So, have you ever kind of noticed how many people are complainers of habit… “habitual complainers”… I believe that at some point they do not even realize that every comment, statement, question, etc.. is either negative or complaining. I feel that this behavior/dialect is a learned manner for conversing. This is such a way of making conversation. It typically works because there’s usually a drama queen or follower in every group.. So, and then the conversation is as follows, person A complains, B agrees and then shares what dislikes he/she have… Before you know it, They’re BFF’s… spending talk time about all that is blah in the world.
    When I’m subjected to a constant complainer, my reaction usually ends all whining pretty quickly… Example: “I am so tired of the vending machine always refilled with the same thing…. & it’s too dang expensive, anyway… Blah, blah”
    Me… Pulling out some random new snack & then informing them that I bought the last one.. (which it never existed).

    I’m a nurse, I have to complain.. Get it off of my chest. I have a coworker.. Best bud.. That she and I take at least 30 minutes of daily “talk smack and complain” therapy. We will even talk snack on each other… My favorite is when we talk about all of the lazy nurses, that we aren’t sure how they earned a degree… But, at the end of it… We laugh. It’s all for fun … & it’s life!!! 😬😬

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    1. Absolutely. But life is constant struggle for awareness – we should strive to make no action so habitual that we’re unaware of it. That’s how years fly past without people noticing. It’s a constant fight to be mindful of whatever you’re doing, no matter how mundane.


      1. I agree, but, what I am suggesting is … Even the negative Nancies that spend 30 minutes having coffee and complaining about everything… Including the coffee… , they, too, feel bonded or connected … Maybe even satisfied at the end of the day… They may feel, “Today was a good day… Sue and I got together and couldn’t find one nice word to say about anything… It was a great lunch date”… It’s just who they are…. But, then, there are those people that are truly just unhappy and will find the most petty things to gripe about… and, will do so in front of anyone around that may hear…. These are also the same ones that when confronted or asked their reasonings behind the bitching and complaining… They either respond with no response at all… Or, with anything that they can quickly thing of…. But, then, they are unable to give much or if any at all… substantial , true reasons for the problem. They are just unhappy people. I wouldn’t know what that’s like… It’s got to be very miserable


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