You don’t give yourself enough credit



What is the thing that I most believe right now?

That we don’t give ourselves enough credit. I was thinking yesterday while working how sometimes I get sad because I can’t see the forest for the trees. I’m working all the time, I’m not at university, I’m in my dull home town, whatever.

I work at a bar, and was having a conversation with one of the servers. She asked me when I was leaving, and I told her January. She asked me how much it costs to travel. I told her roughly a thousand per month in Southeast Asia, but you can do it cheaper.

I’ve saved close to forty-two hundred dollars for my travels in January so far, I said, and she looked impressed.

Because my goal is eight or ten thousand dollars I’ve constantly been thinking that it’s not a lot of money. But that look on her face made me realize, I can travel for months in Southeast Asia on what I’ve saved so far.

And her surprised, kind of impressed look made me see the money in a new light; I’m not failing at my goal as badly as I thought. I’ve put a significant amount of work into my dream of traveling so far, and I’m working more than ever have in my entire life over the next two to three months.


And I thought about how I sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees.

I was reading the Bhagavad Gita this morning, a Hindu spiritual work on the yogic way of living, and whenever I read something that goes further than most works and tries to give a grasp of the divine, it always makes me climb a tree in that forest and look at the horizon.

The Gita made me think.

I have a beautiful, loving girlfriend.

I have excellent parents, and although I can get fed up with them, they love me and want me to do my best in this world.

I’m working to realize what I want to do in my life for the next few months to a year. At the very minimum, I’ll be able to travel for three months.

And I’m ecstatic about life. I don’t even mind working doubles three days a week,  just because I know it’s getting me closer to traveling.

So often, we can’t see the forest for the trees. So often we only think of our failures in life, and none of our successes.


I’m not going to say that cheesy line, I have so much to be grateful for, because that makes me grit my teeth and think of stuck up white soccer moms.

But recognize your wins to keep you steady on where you’re going. Recognize that as long as you’re on the path of your purpose, it will pull through and you’ll eventually come out on top.



Last story.

I heard of someone who played on my soccer team who’s traveling now. He’ll be traveling for the fall semester in the Rocky Mountains, and Australia in the Spring.

His parents will be paying for him.

I hope he gets what he’s looking for out of it.

Now, it’s very easy to look at that guy and think, Fuck him, he’s getting life experience on a silver platter.

And I felt that way. But if you were offered the same thing, a full paid trip to travel, you’d take it. So you can’t be bitter, unless you want to be a hypocrite too.

The second thing is something I was thinking about last night. I talked to the server, and walked back out onto the floor to check on tables or whatever, and thought about the conversation. And how much pride I felt being able to say, Yeah, I’m working until January to be able to travel. Yeah, I’ve saved forty-two hundred dollars so far. Yeah, I’m doing it by myself.

And how these exact moments, when I’m working for three straight months to travel; the work I’m doing right now, the mental grit I’m developing when all my friends are elsewhere. And I’m here, working for what I want.

The books I’m reading, the concepts I’m developing, the faith in myself that’s growing from making this dream happen on my own. 

That’s something you can’t buy. 


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