Gritting your teeth as you type each word. There is nothing on your mind. Every sentence? Difficult. Words flow cementlike.

But you kind of have to do it. Even though it’s difficult and nothing, nothing written when you feel this lethargic could possibly be good enough to read. By anyone with self-respect.

But what if you have a goal, and then you write to that goal? Something like… Two hundred and fifty words. Something around there. Hopefully a concept pops up and you, Poof!, write a hundred words in no time flat.

Something like clouds – gray clouds here, maybe better clouds elsewhere. No. That’s a stupid concept.

When you feel like this, it might be better to turn off your phone. I always feel better when I turn off my phone and stop thinking about screens. Esoteric concepts and focus on the real; a book, a tree, the breeze outside, or even pick up a pencil and sketch something.

It’s so easy to get caught up in a world that would disappear if no one had a phone. We spend hours there as if they were minutes. There is a feeling that tells us the world of technology is not where we should stay for too long.

That feeling, is when your eyes feel like they’ve rolled into your head, and your head is solid, sluggishly thinking, and not a lot comes to the forefront of your mind. Things are not sharp. Ever idea is rounded, and dull.

Technology puts you in your head. You have to do something drastic to be put back into your body – like, play some Futsal. Or turn off your phone, put away your laptop, and read a book.

Play some chess. Do something real. 

Your phone? As much as it likes to convince you that it’s artificiality has substance, I hate to break it to you.

It’s fake, and those are just pixels that represent unreal concepts.

Put it away, and live in the real world.


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