Try, and find what makes weather lovable


Many people don’t like the rain. I like the rain.

I hear people go, I don’t like this kind of weather, I like that kind of weather.

On a rainy day it’s unanimous. Horrible weather out there, isn’t it? Terrible, nasty, ugly, why does it have to be so bad?

Does it matter? The weather is going to be that way whether – clever – you like it or not. And I work in a gym, and whenever someone would come in on a rainy day and say it’s nasty out, I used to go, I actually like the rain. And then I’d get a kind of, Oh, umm, I’m going to go work out now, look and life would go on.

Now I chuckle and go, Yeah. Long and drawn out. Forced, natural laughter in the word. Yeeaaheeeheaaaaa. People move on faster when you agree with them. Then I can keep looking at the raindrops tap cars oh so gently.

Ah, and where I am the rain’s just picked up again.

I like the drowsiness of it all. The feeling; it’s okay to be lazy today. It’s okay to just hold someone you love today because, hey, it’s a rainy day.

And I work in a gym, and when it’s crisp, and not too chilly out everyone comes in and comments on how it’s such a nice day.

I think it must be sad to only like one out of ten days.

There’s something to like in the weather of every day. Whether it’s rainy, or beautiful. But there are muggy days out there too.

It’s harder, but you find their beautiful thing. Muggy days. The days where you sweat as soon as you step outside.

Makes you appreciate the fact you have air-conditioning. And the moment you step inside from a muggy, choking day outside? Relief.

It’s funny, nobody goes, It’s such nice weather in here, when they step inside my gym. They always comment about how nasty and muggy it is outside.

I think it’s easy to find the shitty parts of everything.

You should try and find what makes something lovable.


4 thoughts on “Try, and find what makes weather lovable

  1. I could relate.. Most often times I don’t like the rain but then if you will only realized that there are some places that really wanted the rain so badly. sometimes we don’t appreciate what is in front of us because we don’t need it at that moment and you will only realized the value of a certain thing or someone when it’s gone. Nice blog..

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    1. I actually really like that viewpoint, and hadn’t even considered it. I like the rain because I like the rain, but it’s definitely true – we don’t often think how some people might kill for what we have. Thanks for the comment!


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