A new style

Go to bed around nine pm. You’re going to be productive the next day, you say.

Set alarm for four thirty am. The plan: get up, read for ages, do that writing thing, make breakfast, have a good morning.

Alarm goes off at four thirty am. Nope.

Snooze for ten minutes. Snooze for another ten minutes. I’m about to wake up around five thirty am when my cat crawls onto my chest and sleeps there.

Dude, I’m not about to break a beautiful moment. Hit the snooze until six am, and finally get up. I’m reading The Dhammapada right now, and honestly, starting the morning with a book like that is some priming for a good day.

So I read until six fifty am, then meditate for fifteen minutes, write my morning pages, and now I’m writing this.

Now, something on my mind. When I started this blog, I envisioned it as a daily blog in the mold of daily vlogging. Casey Neistat, Louis Cole, Ben Brown, that kind of style. Just in writing form.

But I’ve noticed a trend in my blog posts, they’re trending towards a feeling of disingenuity — I’m throwing up blog posts that I half believe in because I want to get my daily blog post in, and I feel committed to writing some sort of motivational, this is how to live your life, kind of post.

But… I’m getting bored of that. And I just want to write about what I do in life. I already have a written journal, so this would be more of a running journal.

So, now let me ask for some feedback. Obviously I’d still post on topics I believe in, still try and write truth how I see it but… It’d be more in the form of daily living stories rather than their own piece.

Because I’ve honestly been struggling with posts lately. Not wanting to write anything because I felt I was just throwing up some motivational bullshit because that’s what was expected.

And this post just kind of flowed because it’s what I’m doing and it’s how I’ve felt lately.

So, comment here if that’s something you’d be interested in. Give me some feedback what you’d like to see, more pictures, longer posts, that kind of thing. And I’ll keep experimenting with this style.


One thought on “A new style

  1. I for one am not a fan of daily posts for this fact alone. Although some can post daily from the heart and mean every word, but its such a great undertaking. I prefer to work on a single post for a few days, just to make sure that it is saying exactly what I want it to say. But I also follow some bloggers that participate in the daily word post. Though their posts aren’t very long, often times they are simple, but leave a hell of an impact. Just some of my thoughts….


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